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¿Which messenger?

Dear Nerdica friends, as some of you know, de-Googling life (#twexit, etc.) is a complicated process; After swapping Android for e/OS on my Pixel 3 (and changing to physical tokens of my most important bank accounts...) I'm looking for the next challenge: A private, secure, etc. messenger. Can cost some, $ but must be 'usable' and somehow practical for everyday communication (few people would contact me by tox 😉). My favorite is Signal. Any thoughts or recommendations (please don't be funny and suggest #WhatsApp)?
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Robert Winkler
Gracias! Delta chat suena como una idea muy interesante!
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# es una gran herramienta. Una de las que uso a diario. Parece que tienen una comunidad hispanohablante bastante grande y un gran desarrollador (@adbenitez). Él desarrolla por así decirlo la próxima generación de DeltaChat. La herramienta se llama # (